Imagine feeling great because your wardrobe only contains items you love and frequently wear!

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*Imagine not having to think about what to wear for the workweek because your wardrobe is perfectly arranged and functional. 

* Imagine having a style coach to help you purchase the right pieces for your wardrobe needs!

* Imagine not having to shop for your next black tie event because your outfit is already in your closet!

*Imagine saving time and money by purchasing exactly what you need and not waisting time on what you don't!

Style is about personal creation, and as Wardrobe Boss style ambassadors we live to empower women and men to dress their spirit happy!  There is a power to taking control of your image. We specialize in coaching clients to discover and celebrate the best version of themselves through Wardrobe Audits, Personal Shopping, Event Styling and more, all while achieving a complete "Wear & Go" wardrobe!*Imagine not having to think about what to wear for the workweek because your wardrobe is perfectly arranged and functional. 

Wardrobe Audit

Do you have a closet full of clothes but continually feel like you have nothing to wear? At WARDROBE BOSS we take you on a shopping spree in your own closet! Your Wardrobe Boss coach will advise you on how to style what you already own as well as what gets donated, repaired, replenished and consigned.  Let's celebrate your transformation while maximizing what you already own! 

Personal Shopping

No, its NOT only for the uber wealthy. Personal Shopping saves you time and money!  Amazon does not know you personally and doesn't have the resources to hunt down a complete amazing look within your budget that makes you feel fab and confident.  

Why buy anything on sale that isn't of quality, may not fit well or have longevity in your closet? Why buy something you don't absolutely love but had to purchase because of time constraints?  

These are time killers. Let one of our Wardrobe Boss personal shoppers eliminate that immediately and efficiently!

You shouldn't have to break the bank to look remarkable. You only have to have a coach that can help you win! We invite you to pick up the phone and consult with us today! 

Supreme styling services

Corporate Styling

Corporate suiting has changed since the 90's. In fact "workwear" is the new term used in department stores when shopping for suiting. Women and Men are incorporating a bit more fashion into their work wear all while staying within corporate guidelines. Wardrobe Boss style ambassadors have great experience with corporate make-overs. Allow us to introduce new brands that have a unique take on workwear. We have helped a number of clients get promoted to higher positions because of  their wardrobe choices! 

Event Styling

Think about how many times you have an evening event and your first thought is, what am I going to wear? Followed by well I guess I can just wear that black dress again. Ah, then you think, oh no but some of the same people from the last event will be there and I posted that outfit on Instagram. Shoot, back to my original dilemma!
Our expert Wardrobe Boss style ambassadors have a proven 5 steps approach to make sure you look and feel amazing for your next few events!

Virtual Appointments

If you've already consulted with one of our Wardrobe Boss stylists and have a fashion emergency prior to your appointment do not fear. We can quickly get you on track with a Virtual Styling appointment!

If you are new to Wardrobe Boss and would like your first appointment to be virtual, let's Skype. Be ready for some fun!

Gift Certificates

Need a unique and super cool gift idea? We've got you covered with Wardrobe Boss gift certificates for a variety of exciting services. You will definitely emerge the hero with a Styling or Personal Shopping Session for a wife, husband, mom, daughter, assistant, or special someone. Consider giving the unforgettable gift!

We Give Back!

Winston Churchill once said "We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give". We are extremely passionate about supporting and promoting the welfare of others. Sharing our gifts and talents for the benefit of others makes our hearts sing! We have partnered with The Women's Bowery Mission, Covenant House and local churches to gift our services. Our mission is to empower others to be the best possible versions of themselves in spirit and in style!

Style Ambassadors

Wardrobe Boss Style Ambassadors are advanced highly experienced Stylists and Personal Shoppers! They are very familiar with contemporary, advanced contemporary and advanced designer collections. They know which brands fit well for different body types. Consider that you are getting outstanding service for an outstanding value. Contact us today and see for yourself!

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