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Linda Lara-Manhattan Executive

Eliza has been my personal stylist for a few years now, and I would highly recommend hiring her for all your fashion needs. I came across Eliza, through a few acquaintances that shop at Bergdorf Goodman. I found her to be energetic, sincere, warm and a very stylish woman herself who knows how to put things together, walk you through what works and what doesn’t and all without making you feel like a failure at dressing yourself. Until I met her I would question how my clothes looked on me, never try on anything that didn’t fall in my comfort zone and she helped change all that. She is efficient and has made a significant impact on my style and how I feel in my clothes. I receive so many compliments when I put my outfits and accessories together! I am happier with my personal style and more confident!

Linda L

Gina Almona- Business Owner

I must say Wardrobe Boss was one of my best investments I've made! Eliza came in & truly turned my everyday life of struggling trying to figure out what to wear into a joy! My whole closet was like I was in a new world.. it also made me feel better about myself.. I highly recommend this service, promise you will not be disappointed! 

Gina Almona

Iva Vukina-Finance

Eliza's styling always makes me feel like the best dressed person in the room. Whether I'm going for professional, artsy, sharp or casual she knows how to match it to my style. She helps me get organized and works with my existing closet, making sure I only buy unique targeted pieces each season. 

Iva Vukina

Brandon Peters-Corporate Executive

My wife got me a gift certificate for a man make-over for my Birthday. I didn't know wether to be insulted or what.  I thought I was fine with my style and my clothing choices. Reluctantly I agreed and I was enlightened.  Eliza gently taught me how to choose brands that work best for my body type,  how to use accessories and how to set up my closet with minimal clothes I use often and enjoy. Not only my daughter but my sons have commented about how they like my new look! I am motivated to keep it up and I will use the "Wardrobe Boss" again.

Brandon P